Mystic Mayhem Video Preview

7 01 2012

Today I uploaded a preview of the first level of the game: Mystic Mayhem. Hope you like it.


Dr. Mazing is Now 80 MSP!

5 01 2012

Thanks to the new changes to the XBLIG Marketplace, we can now lower the price of games based on file size. Please be sure to get the game at this aMAZING low price of 80 MS Points 🙂

New Price

Get Dr. Mazing Now on the Marketplace

Submitted to XNA Community for PlayTest

2 01 2012

Mystic Mayhem is now under PlayTest at Microsoft’s AppHub. Next step is getting feedback from the community and see if any changes are needed.

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Box Cover Tests

1 01 2012

Hey Everyone,

Here is a sample set of box covers for the upcoming release of Mystic Mayhem. Which one do you like?

Mystic Mayhem Box Cover Test

Mystic Mayhem Box Cover Test