Darren Simms

One of the exclusive music tracks, “Live This Way” from the new Dr. Mazing game is from Darren Simms (AKA Dmented)

Darren Sims

Please be sure to check his band out on iTunes:


You can follow him and his bands on Myspace:

Or on Facebook:


Eric Skiff

Creates great 8-bit music. Some of his music is used in Mystic Mayhem.


Awesome 8-bit Composer. His music is used in Mystic Mayhem.

Val Trofimov

Please check out some cool ringtones that one of the composers for my next game “Mystic Mayhem”:


Val’s Ringtone Page



Matt McFarland

Matt makes custom music for varying projects. His songs “Driven”, “Wicked”, “Hardnoise”, and “Drifted” is included in the soundtrck of the Dr. Mazing Game.

Kevin Macleod

Creates music for various mediums. His music is also used in the Dr. Mazing Game.


One response

27 07 2010

Great music selection for the game man, everyone should buy Dr. Mazing!

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