Beyond the Infinite Abyss


  • Description
    • Beyond the Infinite Abyss (PC) is a 3D action adventure that is played from an over-the-shoulder third-person perspective. The player controls Anna, a former space marine who now works as a security guard at an excavation site on Europa.  Anna also has a faithful assistant, Alpha-1, a witty research robot created by the Intergalactic Special Forces to assist Anna with her travels. The excavation team opens a catacomb that was thought was empty, is actually teaming with life that has an evil intent on humanity. When they enter the central chamber, they are trapped and the excavation leader, Dr. Howard, is kidnapped. Now Anna must fight her way through an alien threat in an infested underground city to save humanity.
  • Trailer
    • SOON
  • Early Gameplay Video
  • Screens
  • Category
    • 3D Action/Adventure

Coming Soon…

Mystic Mayhem


  • Description
    • Max crash landed onto a mysterious island. Meeting the king of the island, Max encounters the evil sorcerer Malwarp who has kidnapped the princess and took over the kingdom. The Staff of Wisdom has chosen Max and has granted him the power to fight back against Malwarp’s army of minions. Help Max find keys and doorways on the journey to reach the top of the mountain and save the princess!
    • Modes
      • This game has two modes (two games in one!)
        • Adventure mode
          • Collect keys to advance to the top of the mountain to save the princess.
        • Survival mode
          • Pilot a plane and dodge obstacles and don’t die.
  • Trailer
  • Early Game Play Video
  • Screens
  • Category
    • 2.5D Platformer

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Mystic Mayhem: Maximum Altitude



  • Description
    • Help Max and his friends from Mystic Mayhem navigate through dangerous terrain. Watch out for items that can change you speed or gravity. Fly and Survive!
  • Screens
  • Category
    • 2D Fly and Dodge



Dr. Mazing

  • Description
    • Help Dr. Mazing save the planet! Battle ruthless robots and cold-blooded, merciless aliens in this epic journey to stop evil Lord Gazal Nim from taking over the planet. Up to 2 players can play (locally), 10 levels of robot busting mayhem.
  • Trailer
  • Early Game Play Video
  • Screens
  • Category
    • Side Scrolling Fighter

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Food Item Tracker


  • Description
    • Get F.I.T.!  The Food Item Tracker will allow people to track all food you are consuming. This app will allow you to scan the Bar Code of items you consume and find out the nutrition information of the items you are eating.  From the nutrition information we can give you the most common foods and ingredients you are eating in an easy to understand charts and graphs. You can also shop for food, books, and appliances based on the frequency of items you are consuming.
  • Trailer
  • Screens
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