Beyond the Infinite Abyss


  • Release Date
    • 2022
  • Description
    • Beyond the Infinite Abyss (PC) is a 3D action adventure that is played from an over-the-shoulder third-person perspective. The player controls Anna, a former space marine who now works as a security guard at an excavation site on Europa.  Anna also has a faithful assistant, Alpha-1, a witty research robot created by the Intergalactic Special Forces to assist Anna with her travels. The excavation team opens a catacomb that was thought was empty, is actually teaming with life that has an evil intent on humanity. When they enter the central chamber, they are trapped and the excavation leader, Dr. Howard, is kidnapped. Now Anna must fight her way through an alien threat in an infested underground city to save humanity. Upon entering the catacombs, she realizes Alpha-1 has a special ability and can help her in her journey to save Dr. Howard.
  • Trailer
    • SOON

  • Screens


  • Category
    • 3D Action/Adventure
  • Characters
    • Anna Armitage – Daughter of a brilliant scientist mother and military officer father of the Intergalactic Space Forces (ISF). Raised on Mars. Joined the military during the second Martian civil war. Her mother disappeared after been given a amulet her mother found during her research in the Martian mines.  Anna eventually believes her mothers disappearance has something to do with her father and the amulet. Rebelled against her superiors causing her to be demoted to security detail on research outpost on Europa.
    • Alpha-1 – Robot created by Anna’s parents during the Martian Wars. Originally to be a prototype AI drone to help the ISF to fight the rebellion army. Alpha-1 is using special technology found during excavation of the Martian mines. Little does Anna know is Alpha-1 is carrying alien technology that will help her in her journey.
    • Dr. Howard – Lead research scientist of Europa’s recently discovered catacombs.
  • Features
    • Symbiotic ability between Anna and Alpha-1. Upon entering the catacombs, special technology in Alpha-1 is unleashed to give extra strength/senses/tech boost when joined with Anna. Helping her fight her way through the minions of the tomb.

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