Mystic Mayhem Unleashed


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Mystic Mayhem Unleashed Demo  GameJolt Mystic Mayhem Unleashed Demo

Release Date

  • Aug 20th 2019


  • PC, Mac, Linux + SteamOS


  • Platformer (2.5 Dimension)


  • Mystic Mayhem Unleashed is the adventures of Max, who crash landed on an island and accidentally releases the evil wizard Malwarp and now he must fix what he unleashed. Max will have to stop Malwarp from summoning evil forces to take over the world.  Fight your way though Malwarp’s minions and avoid traps along the way. Do you have what it takes to save the Island?


  • This game is a 2.5D single player platformer.
  • 61 Levels – Explore 55 levels of platforming and 6 Boss levels.
  • Collect the flame to achieve special attacks.
  • You can use keyboard or controller to play the game (please refer to key mapping on Help page for more info)
  • If your controller is incorrectly mapped, you can map your own keys/buttons on input mapping in Unity’s input settings on startup.

Early Gameplay Video

Beta Test Video on IndieDB


    • Characters
      • Max – While flying his plane to deliver packages to a nearby island, he ran into a tropical storm. The plane’s engine was struck by lightning causing him to crash land on an uncharted island. Unknowingly he was the cause of unleashing the evil wizard Malwarp onto the island. Was granted special powers by the staff of wisdom to help him stop the enclave of evil baddies of Malwarp and save Princess Parsley.
      • Princess Parsley – Princess of the island. Kidnapped by the evil wizard Malwarp.
      • King  – King of the island. Originally possessed the staff of wisdom.
        Mystic Mayhem Unleashed Demo

        GameJolt Mystic Mayhem Unleashed Demo

Mystic Mayhem Unleashed

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