Mystic Mayhem Update

13 05 2012

It has been a while since I have given a blog update on the game. So far the game now has a lighting system and improved graphics. Also found and fixed the hardware instancing so now it runs more smoothly. Also added some new bad guys and some more obstacles. I have been at the meantime creating and improving animations for all of the characters. Also been working on the intro screens and ending screens. Less than four weeks until the DBP2012 competition is over so I can take a break =)

Below are pics of the game in progress, enjoy:

Mystic Mayhem Game 3d first person view



3 responses

15 05 2012

Great job! You rock!

10 06 2012
Jack McGowen

Hey i have played your game all the way to the End Boss and i must say that i love your game! There was a level where i died and respawned and kept respawning on spikes so i would instantly die. Also i feel that the end boss could be a little bit harder. I blew through him. there was a level where i thought i was stuck on a jump but somehow managed to do a wall jump. You definitely need a tutorial for that i thought you intentionally made the jump too high so testers couldn’t fully play your game.One of your big levels i can’t remember it was in the 20’s the input would lag behind. I love your level menu i definitely drew some inspiration from your game. If you added an opening screen and an ending screen for the story line, The game would be perfect. Congrats you made 2.5D feel great for an indie developer. I hope you will someday playtest my game, Centroid. I don’t have it up for playtest yet because i don’t have the artistic skill for making box art. My name is BlackJack4tt4ck im on the App Hub Creators club and same for xbox live. i hope to playtest your game some more.

14 06 2012

Thanks Jack for the feedback! I will definitely look into what you found. When you have your game on Test let me know and I’ll check it out.

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