San Diego Comic Con 2018

23 07 2018


This years comic con in San Diego was pretty packed in video game goodness. I was lucky enough to get a Thursday and Sunday pass to the conference. Most of the major studios showed off to show off their latest stuff on the convention floor. This year we had some major big budget games that were shown, they included: Resident Evil 2 Remake from Capcom, Black Ops IV, A new Smash Bros and a new Pokemon adventure from Nintendo, and also Kingdom Hearts III and Spider-man from Sony.

There were even some promotional things from movies based on games, there was an enormous statue of a gorilla for the movie Rampage.

In the stadium across from the convention center, they had a Rocket League championship going on, visitors got free swag and got to see some real-life version of the cars shown in the game, including the Bat-mobile and the Back to the Future car.

Indie Games were not that prevalent this year at the con. Probably because of the rising cost of getting a booth. There were some panels showcasing some indie games and marketing strategies. Maybe we will see more indie games out next year.