Mystic Mayhem Unleashed Demo Now Available on Linux and Mac OSX

20 07 2019

Hi Everyone,


Good News! The Mystic Mayhem Unleashed Demo is now Available for Windows, Linux, and Mac OSX.  You can find them on:


Thanks and Enjoy!



Mystic Mayhem Unleashed Demo Dev Updates #ScreenshotSaturday

14 07 2019

Hi All,

It’s been a week now since the Demo has been available on GameJolt and Over time some players gave some great feedback and I applied updates based on the feedback. The updates include:

– Fixed “Any Key” in level select page to “Jump or Fire”

– Lowered the default SFX volume to 75%

– Fixed Hurt sound with collision with Frogs.

– Removed Bilinear filtering on Textures.

– Added new sound effects.

– Fixed vine placement.

The full version will be available soon to Steam.

Find the demos at:

Sometime next week when the full version of the game is available on Steam I will do a livesteam (probably on Twitch) to show off the full version of the game and maybe show off some of the 61 levels and 6 bosses in the game.

Maybe follow my twitch account to get an alert of when the game goes live:

Thanks and Enjoy!

Mystic Mayhem Unleashed Demo Now Available

6 07 2019

Hi Everyone! The demo for Mystic Mayhem Unleashed is now available for download on

It has six playable levels. I will publish the full version to steam sometime soon.
Thanks and Enjoy!

Mystic Mayhem Unleashed Trailer #ScreenShotSaturday

29 06 2019

It’s getting close! I am adding some more touch ups and an additional ability for the main character. Once they are complete I will post a demo on to hopefully get some feedback. Then I will post the full game to Steam Early Access sometime after.

Hope you like it!

Great Turnout at #iFest 2019

5 05 2019

Today I was able to show off Mystic Mayhem Unleashed at iFest 2019 at the Seattle Armory in Seattle Center. It had a great turnout and plenty of people trying out the game and got great and helpful feedback. The team at the Academy of Interactive Entertainment did a great job with the setup and definitely recommend it to anyone that wants to show off their game and get feedback.

Will be at #iFest 2019

2 05 2019

Hi Everyone!

This year I will be demoing Mystic Mayhem Unleashed at iFest 2019 on May 4th at the Seattle Armory. It will be at Booth 43, second floor above the stage area. Feel free to stop by and check it out. If there is enough interest I might have a signup page to alert people when the demo is ready for people to download and play. Hope to see you there!


More Animations/Levels for Mystic Mayhem Unleashed #ScreenshotSaturday

25 11 2018


Hi Everyone! This week I Added a new bad guy and created new levels for Mystic Mayhem Unleashed (see above image for “Terrible Turnip” bad guy). When Max get close to the turnip, it will lunge and try to bite him.

Also a couple of weeks ago I presented Mystic Mayhem Unleashed at the Seattle Indies Show and Tell at the Living Computer Museum. There I met other awesome indie game developers and was able to check out their games. Also people tried out MMU and gave great feedback! I will be adding the recommendations to the game over time.


The game is getting really close to have public trials. Hopefully by the end of the year (2018) I will have a full fledged demo available for people to play.

Please be sure to check back at this site to get updates on the game.

To see more about the Seattle Indies Show and Tell check it out here.